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Barlowe's Herbal Elixirs, Clavo Huasca 4:1 Extract - 60 Capsules

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Barlowe's Herbal Elixirs provide the Varity quality and excellent supplements. Barlowe's Herbal Elixirs now offers 4:1 Clavo Huasca Powdered Extract. Clavo Huasca (Tynanthus Panurensis) is widely known as a libido booster for both sexes - but especially for women. It is widely sold for this purpose in Peru. It is also good for digestion and upset stomach. The Clavo Huasca Certificate of Analysis (COA) of this particular batch is shown above. Bottled in Glass! No Stearates! No Fillers! No Junk!

Research: Despite its long and popular use in South America, there are no published clinical studies as yet on Clavo Huasca. However, in an informal study conducted recently, 19 of 38 women (all over 50 with no hormonal imbalances) who finished the study stated that Clavo Huasca improved their libido.

Traditional Use and Health Benefits

Globally renowned as a potent aphrodisiac, Clavohuasca has a long history of use in Peruvian tradition for both its medicinal and aphrodisiac qualities. In Modern day Peruvian medicine Clavohuasca is still used as an effective aphrodisiac and sexual potency herb for both men and women. The vine tincture is also used for fevers, arthritis, rheumatism, inflammation, aching muscles, to improve appetite and as a digestive stimulant.

South American Indian Shamans prepare their traditional Ayahuasca using a herbal blend that includes tincture of Clavohuasca. This brewed medicine is thought to be helpful in making contact with the spiritual world. Whilst not psychoactive in itself, Clavohuasca is often used to help stabilise an Ayahuasca brew which is known to cause purgative side effects like vomiting and nausea. Clavohuasca’s ability to reduce nausea makes it useful to counteract these effects.

Clavohuasca is prepared traditionally as a tincture. However, it is also taken as a wine in South America and is an effective medicine when taken as a decoction (a tea made from boiling the vine wood).

Clavohuasca Benefits


Known to stimulate libido and treat sexual dysfunction in both men and women, Clavohuasca is a strong sexual stimulant. It has been shown to increase libido in pre-menopausal women - one of the ways it does this is by increasing blood flow to the pelvic area. Its libido enhancing effects are thought to be strongest in women, peaking 3 hours after consumption.

In men, Clavohuasca is most effective as a remedy for erectile dysfunction, and weakness of erection and is also used traditionally for relieving impotence.

It is thought that part of this herb’s libido enhancing effects may be involved with the neurotransmitters responsible for the smooth muscle relaxation of the "corpus cavernosum" - either of two masses of erectile tissue forming the bulk of the penis and the clitoris.

Clavohuasca is the cornerstone ingredient for two of the most famous aphrodisiac/potency formulas in South America.

Digestive Aid

Clavohuasca tea makes an excellent digestive tonic which is used to increase appetite, expel gas and to stimulate proper digestion. A healthy digestive system is essential to the maximum absorption of nutrients from the food that we eat.

Pain Relief

One of the compounds found in Clavohuasca is “eugenol” – antiseptic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory, this is responsible for the pain relieving effects of this herb. A pure extracted oil of eugenol is often used by dentists for its ability to kill germs and relive the pain of dental surgery.

Directions For Use: Take one capsule twice daily on empty stomach. For some people, dosage may need to be increased as results and usage amounts vary based on body type and weight.
Ingredients: Barlowe's Herbal Elixirs now offers a rare 4:1 Clavo Huasca Powdered Extract. Clavo Huasca (Tynanthus Panurensis)

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