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DNA Labs, D-68 (Shingles/Herpezostin) - 1 floz

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Dynamic Nutritional Associates Inc Herpezostin: a multi-potency, multi-ingredient homeopathic remedy for relief of herpes zoster. These homeopathic antigen drops are prepared with the traditional 20% alcohol in distilled water base. Indications: Symptoms of shingles, herpes zoster and chicken pox.

Direction of Use As a homeopathic remedy, one (1) dropper full under the tongue two (2) times daily. For acute situations, ten to fifteen (10-15) drops under the tongue every twenty to thirty (20-30) minutes, or more as directed by a healthcare professional.

Ingredients Croton tiglium (6X), Mezereum (3X), Natrum muriaticum (6X), Rhus toxicodendron (4X)

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