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DNA Labs, N-14 (Thyroid Energizer) - 1 floz

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Dynamic Nutritional Associates Inc A multi-potency‚ multi-ingredient homeopathic formula for relief from symptoms related to weight gain‚ mental dullness‚ lethargic personality‚ tremors and sweating.

Direction of Use One dropper under tongue two times daily. Acute symptoms 1/2 dropper under tongue every 30 minutes for two hours.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: One Dropper

Fucus vesiculosus 4x‚ Natrum muriaticum 6x‚ Lycopus virginicus 6x‚ Spongia tosta 4x‚ Kalium iodatum 6x‚ Calcarea iodata 6x‚ Thyroid 6/12/30/60/200x‚ Adrenal 6/12/30/60/200x‚ Pituitary 6/12/30/60/200x‚ Thymus 6/12/30/60/200x‚ Spleen 6/12/30/60/200x‚ 20% alcohol in purified water.

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