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DNA Labs, Profeminell Cream - 2 ounces

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Profeminell Cream is a transdermal, naturally derived progesterone cream that can be beneficial in coping with symptoms associated with PMS and menopause. Symptoms include breast tenderness, cramping, migraines, mood swings, water retention, hot flashes, night sweats and vaginal dryness. Clinically, natural progesterone has demonstrated an improvement in bone mineral density. 
The patented delivery system has been designed to enhance bioavailability. The advantage of transdermal application is absorption. The cream is absorbed through the skin into the blood stream, thereby eliminating problems associated with poor digestion and liver metabolism that can occur with oral supplementation.
   For optimal results apply to thinner, softer skin areas: chest, breast, lower abdomen, inner thigh, wrist, underarms or neck. Periodically rotate areas where cream is applied. 
Natural progesterone cream is indicated when progesterone is deficient and/or estrogen is dominant as in PMS, and when estrogen and progesterone levels decrease with the onset of menopause.

Direction of use

PMS: 1/8 tsp twice daily from ovulation (midcycle) until onset of menstruation. 

Menopause: 1/3 tsp twice daily from first day of the month to day 26 of the month.

Ingredients Osteoporosis (Post Menopause): 1/4 tsp daily from first day of the month to day 26 of the month.

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