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Dr. Shen's Yin Chiao Pills, 90 tablets

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Dr. Shen's Yin Chiao Pills Also Known As Cold Stop.  Many say that Yin Chiao is the long sought cure for the common cold. Dr. Shen's Yin Chiao Pills are a hundred percent herbal, a hundred percent safe, and one of nature's great gifts to us. Dr. Shen's Yin Chiao Pills have already been in use for hundreds of years, and amazingly, the Western world is just catching on.

Traditional Uses:

  • Used at the first sign or during the first two days of cold or flu
  • Also used when exposed, or likely to be exposed to cold or flu.
  • Disperses Wind Heat, Clears heat, Relieves Toxicity

Dr. Shen's Yin Chiao Pills Contain:

  • No Drugs
  • No Dyes
  • No Animal Products
  • No Endangered Species
  • No Preservatives

Practitioners Notes:
This classic formula is widely popular because of its ability to treat upper burner disorders without injury to the middle burner. Unlike some Yin Chiao imported from China, Dr. Shen's Yin Chiao contains no drugs, dyes, pharmaceuticals, animal products, or unlisted ingredients. Each tablet contains a generous amount (750 mgs.) of premium grade wildcrafted herbs. Each tablet is also coated with natural food glaze and shaped for easy swallowing.

Dr. Shen's: Quality Chinese Herbs. We provide safe and effective herbal remedies for allergy, colds, menopause, and other common symptoms. We use the highest quality Chinese herbs (organic if available) made in the USA or imported from Asia at low prices.

100% Herbal

  • Use at the first sign of a cold or flu
  • Use when exposed or likely to be exposed to cold or flu
  • Contains no drugs, dyes, animal products or preservatives
  • Also known as Cold Stop

For adults: 3 tablets at first sign of a cold, then 3 tablets every three or four hours for the remainder of the day; or as prescribed by your doctor.  If symptoms persist after 2 days, use Dr. shen's zong Gan Ling.


Cal Prop 65 Warning.  this product contains lead, a substance know to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.  Pregnant women should consult their health care provider before taking supplements.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 3 Tablets
Servings Per Container: 30
 Amount Per Serving%DV*
Lonicera Fios (Honeysuckle Flower)405 mg*
Forsythia Fructus (Forsythia Fruit)405 mg*
Platycodon Radix (Balloon Flower Root)246 mg*
Mentha Herba (Mint Plant)246 mg*
Arctium Fructus (Great Burdock Fruit)246 mg*
Glycine Semen (Crested Grass Plant207 mg*
Lophatherum Herba (Creasted Grass Plant)165 mg*
Schizonepeta Herba (Hairy Sage Plant)165 mg*
Glycyrrhiza Radix (Licorice Root)165 mg* *Daily Value Not Established.


  • Honeysuckle, also known as Jin Yin Hua or Lonicera flos - Clears Heat, Cleans Toxins, Expels Externally Contracted Wind Heat
  • Forsythia, known as Lian Qiao or Forsythia Suspensa Fructus - Expels Contracted Wind Heat, Clears Heat, Cleans Toxins
  • Balloon Flower, known as Jie Geng or Platycodi Grandiflori Radix - Transforms Cold Phlegm, Circulates Lung Energy, Benefits the Throat, Directs the Action of Other Herbs Upwards.
  • Peppermint, known as Bo He or Menthe Herba - Disperses Wind Heat, Clears the Head and Eyes and Benefits the Throat
  • Edible Burdock, known as Niu Bang Zi or Arctium Lappa - Detoxifies Fire Poison, Disperses Wind Heat and Benefits the Throat
  • Crested Grass, known as Dan Zhu Ye or Lophatheri Gracilis - Releases the Exterior, Disperses Wind Heat, Lessens Irritability, Relieves Thirst
  • Schizonepeta, known as Jing Jie or Schizonepeta Tenuifolia - Releases Exterior, Expels Wind Cold and Wind Heat
  • Fermented Soy Bean, known as Dan Dou QiSojae Praeparatum Semen - Releases the Exterior for both Cold and Hot Exterior Conditions, Alleviates Irritability
  • Chinese Licorice root also known as Gan Cao Glycyrrhiza Uranelsis Radix - Tonifies the Spleen, Benefits the Qi, Detoxifies Fire Poisons, Moderates and Harmonizes Other Herbs.

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