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Scimera BioScience, E2 Essential Energy - 30 Vegetarian Capsules

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Scimera BioScience has created a special Value Pack of our E2 Essential Energy! This one-of-a-kind package contains 3 E2 Essential Energy 30 Count-Packs, totaling 30 capsules (a month’s supply!)

E2 Essential Energy™ contains the optimal blend of Coffeeberry® Energy Natural Coffee Caffeine, Green Tea Extracts, B-Vitamins, and potent antioxidants to promote alertness†, support intense mental focus†, and intensify physical performance†.

These all-natural ingredients provide a total of 135 mg of natural caffeine and are delivered in a vegetarian Licap.

This cutting-edge, liquid-filled capsule technology will provide a faster release, quicker absorption and a more rapid effect facilitate a highly potent and effective regimen.

POWER UP your energy metabolism with E2 Essential Energy

The NSF Certified for Sport® Program is recognized by the NFL, NFL Players Association, MLB, MLB Players Association, PGA, LPGA, and Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sports.

take 1 capsules daily as dietary supplement

All Natural:No Artificial Sweeteners, Colors, Preservatives, Flavoring compared to leading energy drinks. E2 contains. Calorie Free + Antioxidants More potent than Red Bull (80mg vs. 135mg of caffeine per serving) – Single capsule vs. 8 oz of fluid More convenient for travel and events – Easy to carry Easy to swallow, Liquid filled, Vegetarian capsule for faster release, quicker absorption and a more rapid effect No jitters, let-down, or crash like effect Contains potent Coffeeberry for natural energy effect E2 is the next generation in natural energy supplements developed in response to the demand for a healthier and more effective alternative to energy drinks. E2 increases alertness, focus, and cognitive function, and elevates physical performance without the calories, jitters, crashes and bad taste of energy drinks currently on the market. Natural Energy Pill

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