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Spring Wind Herbs, HERBAL LIP MOISTURIZERS - Orange-Mint - 1 PACKET

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Spring Wind Herbs, Inc. was founded by Andrew Ellis in 1992 as a local herb shop for the benefit of nearby practitioners in El Cerrito, California. We began to sell bulk herbs to practitioners in 1993 and at about the same time started our line of ointments, cremes, salves, and liniments.

We noticed the room for improvement in the quality and purity of herbs that were being offered to practitioners in the US. Over the following years, we searched out the highest grade bulk herbs and made them available to the practitioner community. Spring Wind long ago brought the issue of the use of incorrect species of herbs to the forefront and was the first company to introduce a lot-based testing system for a comprehensive list of pesticide residues. In 2005, Spring Wind began to locate sources of organic herbs and now carries a large and growing selection of USDA NOP Certified Organic herbs.

In 2019 Spring Wind began to sell Spring Wind brand concentrated granules. These granules are made with the quality of herbs practitioners have come to expect of Spring Wind and are tested for 278 pesticides. Only a non-detected reading on pesticide residues is allowed for our granules. The granules are also tested for e coli, salmonella, mold, heavy metals and, where appropriate, aflatoxins. Thorough and transparent Certificates of Analysis are posted on our web site for each item.

As practitioners, our principles have been unchanging. We procure herbs and produce products we would use for our families and provide the kind of friendly and helpful service we would expect from our friends.

A soothing, herbal moisturizer. Unlike other lip balms, Spring Wind Lip Moisturizer keeps lips naturally moisturized without the need for repeated applications. The herbs in the formula have been used for centuries in China to soothe dry, cracked or peeling lips (Lip Wind 唇風). Spring Wind Lip Moisturizer contains no petroleum products or artificial ingredients. Available in three rich, natural flavors: wild cherry, pineapple, and orange-mint


Ingredients: Organic, cold-pressed sesame oil infused with Rehmannia, Arnebia, Tangkuei, Coptis, Peach pit, Phellodendron, Turmeric, Safflower, Licorice and Angelica, Beeswax, Natural flavors (wild cherry, pineapple, and orange-mint).

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