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Warrior Force Nutritionals, Warrior Food, Version 3.0, Vanilla - 35.2 oz

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Warrior Food Extreme- Vanilla Plus by HealthForce Nutritionals 1000 g Powder Warrior Food Extreme- Vanilla Plus (replaces Warrior Food Enhanced) 1000 g Powder Warrior Food enhances your physical appearance and your performance without sacrificing your health...or your ethics. 100 high performance complete protein amino acid profile with branched chain amino acids for performance and mass. 100 Raw.

100 Vegan Regardless of your diet lifestyle and ethics whether you are a professional athlete or a weekend warrior this is the best performing protein supplement you can buy (with phytonutrient benefits way beyond isolated proteins). Warrior Food Vegan Protein Ingredients Organic Protein Blend Sprouted Enzymatically Activated NON-GMO Brown Rice Protein (80 protein 20 nutrients) Hemp Protein Enhancement Blend Nopal Cactus (endurance and blood sugar function ) Arctic Root (Rhodiola Rosea) (endurance ) Actual Vanilla Bean (not flavoring) Whole Leaf Stevia Enzymes (protease bromelain papain amyl

Complete, high quality protein source - contains abundant quantities of all essential and nonessential amino acids in a ratio that is very compatible with the needs of our bodies • Organic, Non Toxic, Vegan, Raw, Hard-Core • Very smooth consistency. No grit or "chalky" aftertaste. • Milk Thistle Natural Spectrum Intesentrate (Vanilla formula) help to protect and regenerate both liver and kidney tissue. • 100% food! No chemicals or unhealthy sweeteners added. Also, GMO free, gluten free, casein free, dairy free.




•Complete Protein


•Supports Endurance, Liver, Kidney and Blood Sugar Function

•100% TruGanic™

Warrior Food™ says "No Whey" to high acid forming, kidney damaging animal proteins. No metabolic toxins from animal tissue/parts.

Better Amino Acid Profile Than Whey! Contain BCAAs for performance and mass. No chemicals or isolated nutrients. Nothing artificial, Non-GMO.  TruGanic™. Best everything for the best ever Warrior!

EcoFresh Nutrient Lock™. Our dark glass with our unique metal lid and oxygen absorber protects 100% of nutrients (creates a vacuum). Glass is recycled/recycable, does not outgass and is non-toxic to melt down. Plastic bottles and metal/foil pouches (worst & not recyclable) dramatically degrade nutrient levels. Plastic outgasses & is highly toxic to melt down.

What is a True Warrior™?

A True Warrior™ is kind (to others — even kind to non-warriors, kind to animals, and kind to the earth), unselfish, caring, and lives consciously by a code of ethics/honor such as Bushido (Samurai) or Chivalry (Knights), yet at the same time is completely willing to stand up for those who need it and unleash a fury of appropriate force should battle be required. A True Warrior™ is conscious of all the choices made in life, and is open-minded. The world needs more True Warriors™. Are you a True Warrior™? If not, I invite you to become one!

Dr. Jameth Sheridan (D.H.M.) Doctor of Holistic Medicine and Proud True Warrior™

 2 heaping tablespoons Warrior Food™ (Extreme Chocolate Plus, Extreme Vanilla Plus, or Natural)

1 cup fresh or frozen berries (blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, in any combination)

Optional sweeteners: 1 tablespoon raw, ethical, organic, whole honey, 2 medjool dates, or 2 tablespoons coconut nectar

Nut/Seed Milk: Start with raw organic almonds, hazelnuts, sesame, or hemp seeds (or any other nuts/seeds of choice). Soak nuts/seeds in water overnight for 8 to 12 hours. Blend 1 cup soaked nuts/seeds with 4 cups water in high-powered blender for 1 to 2 minutes. Strain pulp through a mesh cloth, squeezing out all the “milk.” Will stay fresh in refrigerator for 3 to 4 days to use regularly for superfood concoctions.

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size: 25 g (Approx. 2 Tablespoon)
Servings per Container: 10
 Amount Per Serving% Daily Value
Total Carbohydrate3.9 g1.3%
   Dietary Fiber0.7 g2.6%
   Sugars1 g*
Protein16 g31%
Sodium6.6 mg0.3%
Organic Protein Blend23 g 
Sprouted Enzymatically Activated, NON-GMO, Non Fermented Brown Rice Protein (80% protein), 505 nutrients)  
Enhancement Blend1825 mg 
Nopal Cactus (endurance & blood sugar function) Arctic Root (Rhodiola Rosea) (endurance). Actual Vanilla Bean (not 'flavoring'). Whole Stevia Leaf, Enzymes (protease, bromelain, papain, amylase, lipase, cellulase, alpha-galactosidase)  
Kidney, Liver and Antioxidant Function250 mg 
Milk Thistle seed NSI™ (Natural Spectrum Intensetrate™)  
*Daily value not established.

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