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Zarbee's Antioxidant Support with Honey Supplement - 10 packet

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Drink all the daily antioxidants you need in one sweet and steaming mug. Each drink mix packet includes potent antioxidants and four essential vitamins and minerals.

Four key essential vitamins and minerals, including A, C, E, and selenium, are in every packet of our Antioxidant Support with Honey*. Vitamins A and C are important to the immune system's functioning while vitamin E and selenium serve as antioxidants to help maintain healthy cells.

A mineral that comes from the soil, selenium plays an important role in our metabolism, which is why it's a dietary necessity. It also has antioxidant properties that help combat free radical damage.*

Matcha tea, also known as green tea, is a powerful antioxidant and source of vitamins and minerals. Green tea leaves, which originally come from Japan, are grown in shady areas, picked fresh, and then ground into the fine powder known as matcha that's used to flavor teas and food.

Zarbee's Antioxidant Support with Honey is a proprietary blend of handpicked ingredients formulated to help fill the nutritional gaps in your diet to maintain better healthy and promote healthy cells. High potency antioxidant formula supplies 4 essential vitamins and minerals (A, C, E and Selenium) to maintain healthy cells and combat free radical damage. Matcha green tea leaves with cranberry and apple extracts. Sweetened with honey and organic coconut sugar No Drugs or Alcohol, No Gluten or Dyes, No Artificial Flavors and no Artificial Sweeteners. Natural Apple Spice Flavor, Serve Hot.

One Packet Per 4 - 6 oz. hot water or to taste

A warm, sweet way to get your antioxidants. Main Ingredients Honey Flavor Apple Spice Vitamins Vitamins A, C, E, Selenium Health Concerns: Overall Health Health Facts: gluten free, artificial flavor-free, artificial color-free, Drug-free Product Form: Powder Flavor: honey, cranberry, apple Suggested Age: 13 Years and Up Product Warning: no warning applicable Allergy Information, Contains: coconut Allergy Information, May Contain: does not contain any of the 8 major allergens

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