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Zorbitz Inc. - Empowerment/Wisdom - Karmalogy Beads

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Powerful gem stones and Karma Beads have been combined into a bracelet that looks great and gives you good luck and good karma. Karma Beads are loved by both men and women of all ages including several celebrities.

It is definitely the perfect gift for anyone any age. UPC: 689076983624 Front Label Panel: Lucky Karma Beads Carnelian Empowerment Wisdom Instructions: Wear These Beads Always And You Can Feel More Energized And Focused, Have Confidence, Motivation And Determination,

Be Balanced And Grounded, Discover Hidden Talents, Make Wise Decisions And Always Be Empowered To Accomplish Everthing. Ingredients: Carnelian And Wooden Beads On Elastic Strand. Supplemental Facts: We Support Charities.

wear Lucky Karma Beads Carnelian Empowerment Wisdom
Empowerment and Wisdom - Karmalogy Beads

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